Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Peru circuit (Day 8 - morning, still) - Cusco, Around San Blas district - The 2nd of May of 2013


... We couldn't help admiring the beauty of colonial Cusco, rich in details that inevitably caught my attention.

Located where the Museum of the Archbishop's Palace now stood one could see one of its walls, which once belonged to Inca Roca (the Seventh Inca) inclined inward and erected with huge blocks of what is considered very good masonry work and the famous twelve angled stone, which draws attention for its great size (150x124 cm) and the perfection with which the adjacent blocks fit together, despite its twelve sides.

San Blas District, whose narrow cobbled stone streets sided by typical one storey high houses with colourful verandas very much reminded me of the medieval city of Obidos in Portugal is well known as the quarter of the artists.

Reproductions of some of the famous paintings of the Cusco School could be seen in some of the little Art shops going up hill.

Upon having reached San Blas Square we unfortunately didn't manage to visit the 1562 Church (seen underneath on the right) which is famous for  its carved pulpit said to have been made from a single tree trunk and characterized by its over ornamentation but visited a traditional ceramics shop located close by where among various exquisite religious artefacts I noticed the image of little Jesus wearing some of the traditional apparel of the different Peruvian regions.

We then made our way down again so as to have lunch at a typical restaurant close to Plaza de Armas. The red bean and vegetable soup again reminded me of a fairly similar soup we have in Portugal, whose flavour was only slightly different for being spicier.

We would be having the afternoon free and though we had been looking forward to this moment it now seemed almost pointless ..., but Marie Hélène and I decided to give it a go and stay around Plaza de Armas before heading back to the Hotel.

(To be continued)

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