Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Peru circuit (Day 4) - Titicaca Lake, Taquille island (cont.) - the 28th of April 2013


We were given a thorough explanation on some of the details to look for as being indicative of the status of the Taquille villagers, such as the different hat designs (with a white band indicating the owner is single or multi-coloured if married; thick woven tuffs in a wide variety of colours or just red hanging from the black women's capes to indicate they ware spinsters or married women respectively).

We were also shown a long knit-like strap with their own hair weaved in brides are supposed to give their husbands to be prior to the wedding ceremony.

Some sort of  ceremony involving the leaders of the various community municipalities took place in the main square and we saw them emerge from the small church followed by a group of women in line. They then solemnly stood in front of the city-hall building for a few moments in order to greet us and let us photograph them.

We slowly started making our way towards the boat puerto de Salacancha on the other side of the island and as we walked along some paths came across women tending the fields and a young man knitting his woollen hat.

The trip back to Puno took quite a few hours in which I ended up taking a nap as the boat softly rocked as it sailed across the Lake.

As we reached Puno boat harbour I felt rejoiced with the fact that we had had the chance of having been "involved" with locals, which is not always possible. It was indeed a very enriching experience, I must say and I am almost certain everyone in the group felt the same.

Dinner came in the form of a light, yet delicious avocado salad, which I really enjoyed ...

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