Tuesday, 14 May 2013

"Fausto" - freely adapted version from Fernando Pessoa and Christopher Marlowe's at Teatro Dona Maria II, Lisboa until the 2nd of June ... or ... on Mia's birthday

I must be honest and say I had only vaguely heard of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe and have no recollection of having ever read Fausto by Fernando Pessoa, though the fact that my daughter Mia would be playing two roles in the theatrical piece freely adapted by Francisco Salgado and Maria Mendes led me to further read on the original versions, as well as the information provided by Maria Mendes in the play's brochure.

"Freely reconstructed, manipulated and re-adapted to this contemporary performance, in which the problematic  issue of early gratification  and its consequences have been approached. The possibility of getting immediate recognition and swifly obtainable pleasures led Faustus to enter into a pact with the Devil, having t surrender his soul 24 years later. The decision having been based not only in the belief that future might be distant but also the firm conviction that Hell might not even exist. Was Faustus fully aware of the consequences of his decisions and still opted to ignore them? Was the nature of the agreement due to his thoughtless deliberations or the persuasive approach carried out by Mephistopheles." - Maria Mendes

Was Fausto's ultimate fate inevitable? ...

I absolutely loved the play ... the weight of the perspiring emotion, calling out for the unrequited love, whilst confronting Fausto and secretly getting the audience involved in the outspoken cry highlighted Mia Farr's performance capability in what could be described as a second to none performing act and again later in the outstandingly perfect role of Lucifer during the reclaiming of Fausto's soul by Mephistopheles, played by another actor (Pedro Lacerda) whose performance I was also strongly impressed by, as he  brilliantly conveyed the image of the clever calculating evil character ... 

The scenario setting was meticulously constructed with the major part of the stage piled up with books as potential walking and imaginary ground for Fausto's "wanderings" and a poorly lit side, almost backstage, area  defining Mephistopheles "expanding" world.

I don't think I could have chosen a more special day to comment on this play as it is the main female actress's birthday today and being her proud mother I can't help praising her performing work and Theatre commitment, as well as  the most admirable role she has ever played so far and will certainly continue playing throughout her life - being herself, no matter what.

Theatrical adaptation
Francisco Salgado
Maria Mendes

Actors on stage:
Pedro Gil
Pedro Lacerda
Mia Farr

Stage design
Daniel Fernandes
Francisco Salgado

Stage lighting
Miguel Cruz

An absolute must...

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