Monday, 6 May 2013

Quai Branly Museum, Paris - The 24th of April 2013

I took  a late afternoon flight to Paris on the 23rd of April (the eve of the official departing date to Peru), where I met my trip companion, Marie Hélène, whom I would be sharing a hotel room with at Orly, Athis Mons.

The following morning I headed towards Pont d'Alma and although I was expecting Quai Branly Museum to be an interesting Museum to visit I was surprised to find out it is much more than that, once the invaluable artefacts are displayed in such a way that the visitor is likely to be taken into their geographic and cultural contexts, thus having a feeling of being unexpectedly transported into another dimension.

I soon immersed myself into the world of masks and statues, which according to Claude Lévi Strauss " le masque cache autant qu'il révele ni autant qu'il affirme" and was mesmerised by the wide variety of cultural representations I dared photograph (very few of of them, in fact) from an equally wide  number of continents.

Amongst those I was particularly impressed with Fertility and Maternity related objects, as well as artefacts  from Mexico (a country I have already visited) and Peru I would be shortly visiting.

Statue from Melanasia, Papouasia - New Guinea (left). 1912 Bagante statue from Cameroon (right) 

Two representations of Chicomecoatl, the Aztec Goddess of sustenance, especially of maize wearing the amacalli  (Mexico)

Zacateca or Cornudo, representing a Shaman, dating back to 300 B.C (left) and Tlaloc representing the deity associated with rain, fertility and water (right).

1100-1450 Chancay vases from Peru

Pre- Hispanic vases from the Andean culture

(To be continued)

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