Sunday, 21 December 2014

The latest book I have read ...

Having always been fascinated with biographical books as I bought myself yet another one I hadn't the slightest idea (such is my reduced literary knowledge, I must confess) I would be getting into the deep inner feelings of an author whose works I had only got "acquainted with" in film adapted versions (A passage to India, Howards End and a Room with a view).

I can't forgive myself for not having researched this author earlier, taking into account the fact that "A passage to India" is among the films I discuss in my regular English classes, despite feeling it would make no difference as to the way it is "approached" in the classroom.

In regards to this biography, which I really enjoyed I was particularly impressed with the author's sensitive kindness and altruistic approach to friendship, whether or not we agree with it.

"In A great unrecorded history, a well written, intelligent and perceptive biography of Foster, Wendy Moffat attempts to explore that silence and at the same time to draw a picture of a figure who was sensitive, sensuous and kind, an artist who possessed a keen plain sort of wisdom and lightness of touch, that make him to this day, an immensely influential novelist, almost a prophet. She uses the sources for our knowledge of Foster's sexuality including letters and diaries, without reducing the mystery and sheer individuality of Foster without making his sexuality explain everything."    


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