Monday, 8 December 2014

Santa Maria island, Azores - On the way to Vila do Porto and back - The 5th through to the 7th of December 2014

Livin in the city doesn't allow us to feel nature the same way one naturally does when strolling around smaller boroughs where rural and urban landscapes mingle almost magically to bring out the best of both.

This is what has been happening in Santa Maria island, where I have been privileged enough to feel the smell of grass and "talk" to horses and cows on the way to Vila do Porto, a few kilometres away from where I am currently staying at. 

Despite the gloomy like weather there have been spells of sunshine and light rain that change the already variegated colours in just a couple of seconds. It is often said the Azorean islands can display the four seasons throughout a single day, which I feel to be one of their main unexpected attractions. I wish we had a bit of that in mainland Portugal ... 

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