Friday, 5 December 2014

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - The 24th of November 2014 (afternoon)

Once we got back to Praia we walked towards the Palace of the Government making our way onto the Plateau from the stairways in the opposite direction from the one we had used in the morning, so that Noëlle could see a different perspective.
There were some works in progress around the old military fortress so we walked into Sofia's café square along the pedestrian avenue that runs across Plateau and becausethe city market was still open we decided to go and check the fish area, so as to allow Noëlle to see some of the fish species we had already had since our arrival in Cape Verdian territory.

Having had such a copious meal, whilst we were visting Cidade Velha we settled for a light meal before heading back to our hotel, which had an open patio-like café in front of its entrance, which was non-existent in the former year. 

Despite the fact that we didn't have too much of an active day we felt we were in need of some rest and in no hurry to "explore" the city and its surroundings in the first day, as we would have ample opportunities to do so, once we had to stay another two days because of flight cancellations, we had barely been warned about before flying there. 

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