Saturday, 6 December 2014

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - The 25th of November 2014 (afternoon)


It wasn't but when we got back to our hotel that we realised we should have already checked out of Praia Santa Maria Hotel. Having had some problems with two flight cancellations (Transavia from Lisbon to Nantes where Noëlle was flying back to and Air Portugal from Praia to Lisbon) we were forced to extend our stay in what was a last minute double room reservation at another hotel - Praia Confort Hotel, which we found to be of extreme comfort and actually not too far from the previous one we had been staying at (seen from the outside nobody would ever guess what this hotel was like on the inside).

Soon after having checked-in at Praia Confort we made it to the streets of Plateau where violence against women was being made aware in the form of speeches and music whose lyrics referred to this problematic issue. The awareness project degenerated into an open air dance party where women and children were clearly the masters. We stood there for quite a while admiring the energy and dancing skills of those who ventured into the staged streets of Plateau till late evening.


Noëlle with a young lady from Calheta de São Miguel who came out of the crowd to talk to us.


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