Saturday, 6 December 2014

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - Temporary Art and Handicraft exhibition in Plateau - The 25th of November 2014 (morning cont.)


As we reached Plateau we walked into the Palace which normally houses temporary Art exhibits and managed to see quite an interesting crayon exhibit. I was particularly impressed with some of the captions underneath most of the paintings, which I felt added a lot to what was artistically being conveyed and whose main theme was Music related.

"Genesis of a musical note - Attempt to envisage the birth of a musical composition". (left). "The flight of a guitar - In any nostalgic melody the sensation is that the instrument involved attempts to run way from its destiny". (right)

"Mingling - Moments in which Music seems to mingle with affection". (left). "Attempt - Anxiety at the first touch".  (right)

"Delight - Of all human inventions, Music seems to be the only one capableof calming down the spirit in moments of affliction." (left). "Simbiosis - Tangled up string instruments in a nostalgic evening where sleeplessness prevails". (right)

Just across the square another exhibit, this time of a wide variety of recycle-linked artistic pieces. Noëlle and I ended up spending some time talking to a young artist who apart from being very creative in his approach to Art (he used milk and juice cartons as the frame for bags and small beads  he covered with tissue to make necklaces) was of an extreme sympathy.

We finally met Graça at a Bistro restaurant at the far end of the pedestrian Avenue where we ended up having grilled fish and most important of all spent sometime talking about life and the relevance of the moments we can spend with others.


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