Monday, 8 December 2014

Santa Maria island, Azores - The celebration dinner at Hotel Santa Maria and the photo exhibit at Asas do Atlântico - The 4th of December 2014

Despite not having attended the meeting on the 40th anniversary of the ICAO signing up of the Chicago Convention held at NAV in Santa Maria island, I was nevertheless invited to be present at the ceremonial dinner taking place at the hotel I am currently staying at.
There is no doubt islanders and especially Azoreans  are masters of the Art when it comes to welcoming others and making them feel at home. The celebration dinner was second to none with quite a few Azorean cuisine specialities and an overall atmosphere that very much resembled a gathering of old friends.

We had a brief look at the old photo exhibit, officially on display as from the following day, at Asas do Atlântico where we headed to after dinner to have a drink in what ended up being a rather special evening


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