Saturday, 6 December 2014

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - On the way to Achada de Santo António and back to Plateau -The 26th of November 2014 (morning)

We strolled around Plateau for a while before having decided to get on a regular bus (the first time I have done it) and head towards Achada de Santo António, with the intention of showing Noëlle as much as I possibly could. 

A recently refurbished Guests' house located in one of the back streets of Plateau (right).

We strolled along the Embassies' Avenue from the Parliament heading towards the Pope's belvedere, and then down towards Quebra Canela beach, closer to which we came across one of those outstandingly beautiful Cape Verdian bird species with its vibrant blue plumage - passarinha.

On the way back to Plateau we fell upon a painted mural I had come across two years ago and whose paintings I hadn't fully photographed then. I was mostly impressed with the naïve approach to what seem to be typical Cape Verdian issues - fishing, turtle breeding and St. Djon festivities.

We reached the Plateau via the Sucupira market area once more, where we photographed some piglets and sheep for sale.

Once in Plateau and upon having got to the main square area a shoe-shiner kindly asked us to be photographed cleaning out the dust on Noëlle's shoes (we soon realised that what he really wanted was to be taken a picture with her white leg showing to which we obliged).


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