Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The handing out of the presents and the promised morning trip to Tarrafal, Santiago island - Cape Verde - The 23rd of November 2014 (morning)

Before heading off to Tarrafal, where I had promised to take Leinira and Tarine as well as Noëlle and Erica some girls showed up at the pension which allowed me to further distribute some of the presents.


Vânia (left) and Nélida (right) with the dresses kindly sent to them by Beta.

Verónica holding the dress bought with Mr. Breitenstein's financial contribution.

Valter (left) after having been handed out the computer offered to him by his "godmother" Telma. Patrick (right) holding the T-shirt bought with Mr. Breitenstein's financial contribution and the money for the school needs which was kindly provided by Beta.

Marquinho holding the presents and the money for his school needs provided by his "godmother" Sónia.

The public bustrip to Tarrafal was not only a new experience for Noëlle but for the girls as well, once they farthest they had been to was Ponta Verde, located just a few kilometres from Calheta de São Miguel. In fact throughout the whole bus ride all I seemed to hear them talking about was the landscape that could be seen from inside the Hiace.
If there had been no rain for quite a while, according to what we were told, it showed its face as we were reaching Tarrafal. We decided we were not going to let the bad weather affect our trip and as soon as the rain stopped we made it to the streets so as to have the girls take some "touristic" oriented photos - close to the church yard near a street sign saying "welcome to Tarrafal", on the steps of the local Branch of the Bank whilst having some chocolate, overlooking the bay, on a fishing-like shed, on the small beach whilst scribbling on the sand, with the mountain behind, etc.

In spite of not having bathed in the tepid waters of any of the well known Tarrafal beaches we must admit we had a good time and it was worth the one hour trip, which also allowed Noelle to get to know Erica a little bit better. 

Before driving back to Calheta de São Miguel we still had time to meet Lucilinda, Lucilene, Velker and their father at the Church square and hand out the presents sent to Lucilinda by her "godmother" Beta and have her write a brief message for me to take back home with me. 


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