Monday, 8 December 2014

Santa Maria island, Azores - The Refresher courses - The 1st through to the 4th of December 2014

Amidst the tight schedule and the rather unsettling weather I have had time to photograph the beauty that has been staring at me from just outside my hotel room door and on the way to the Airport, just ten minutes walk from where I am at.

Azorean islanders seem to have a stronger connection to the english Language than the Portuguese who live in mainland Portugal due to the fact that many of their relatives live or travel across the Atlantic to Canada and the USA mostly on a regular basis, the two day courses have therefore been more of a revising type of training than a mere Aeronautical oriented English or Linguistic one. We have worked hard but equally enjoyed ourselves in doing so. It has been an added pleasure to be together again with former students I hadn't seen since 1982 and more so during the Christmas season.




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