Sunday, 7 December 2014

Praia, Santiago island - Cape Verde - Strolling around Plateau and Sucupira area - The 27th of November 2014 (morning)

After having checked-out of the hotel we strolled around Plateau once more so as to kill time and absorb the last images of Praia before flying back home. Outside Quintal da Música there was a rather interesting advertisement regarding the occupation of children and adolescents during their school holidays which said " Turn your holidays into a piece of Art" and this rather simple yet meaningful quote led me to think on the amount of free time we misuse, whilst we could be turning every minute of it into artistic pieces ...

We walked down via the High School square and made our way into the Sucupira surrounding back streets, where we photographed quite a few mural paintings which caught my attention because of their messages - a rainbow flowing out of a brush, the world, movement, appeals to voluntary work, action, the banning of drug consumption or just representing what is going on around in terms of work - car washing. We did see quite a few young men here and in Plateau taking this job quite seriously (one of them could be seen actually scrubbing the wheels).

We ended up in the outside restaurant stalls area which was beginning to get active. We stood watching two gentlemen playing the "ouril" for some time as a third one explained the moves to us. We learned virtually nothing, let's be honest ... but I still it had been worth the effort.

Before we got back up I photographed two mural paintings I particularly liked - one because of the conveyed idea of  people using a "mask" and impersonating someone we they are not and the other one because of the symbolism behind the reclined figure embracing the world and touching Africa in the shape of a heart. 


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