Thursday, 4 December 2014

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - Children who would like to have "godparents" - The 22nd and 23rd of November 2014

" Si tu as de nombreuses richesses donne ton bien; si tu possèdes peu, donne ton coeur." - Berber proverb

Everytime I set my foot in Calheta I tell myself that I won't take any more photos of children wanting to have "godparents", not only because I feel I don't have the capacity to afterwards carry with me all that I am handed out by the godparents" but also because as of late many of the supposed "godparents" have been  failing them and I can't  honestly handle the sadness on the children's facial expressions, together with the fact that most of the time I have had to put money of my own or friend's and lie on their behalf, so as not to further hurt the children's feelings, but the truth is that I often think that refusing to take their photos is equally refusing to "help" them and bring a little bit of joy into their lives.

They love having "godparents"abroad who write to them and send them some presents (they don't have to  be costly ... once  they  haven't yet developed the consumer's  attitude most childen in  European countries and elsewhere seem to be used to or getting used to). Books they have no access to are one of the things they mostly enjoy ...  The money provided for their school needs is "nothing" compared to our standards ...
I hope I'll be able to find these children people who do care and will not fail them - people who are willing to love ...


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