Monday, 1 December 2014

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - The handing out of the presents (cont.) - The 22nd of November 2014 (afternoon)


Ariete (left) and Lavínia (right) holding the presents and money for the school needs provided by Ricardo and myself respectively.

Melissa surrounded by the clothes, a pair of sandals and the money for the school needs provided by her "godmother" Ana Mafalda.

Diva carefully unwrapping the presents (above) and showing them, together with the money provided for the school needs by her "godmother" Lourdes.

The siblings Adriana (left) and Hélida (right) with their new clothes provided by their "godmothers" respectively. The photoon the right shows Adilson's mother holding the envelopes containing the money proided for their school  needs on behalf of their mother who wasn'table to show up to collect them.

Little Héricles with his cousin Adriana holding the presents and photostaken during last year's handing out and together with Adilson's mother holding the envelope containing the money kindly sent to him by his "godmother" Lurdes.

Adilson with his mother surrounded by the presents sent to him by Sara and Tony (left), whilst holding the envelope containing money sent to him by the prevously mentioned "godparents".

Elisângela (left) and Bete (right) showing the presents they were given with the money provided by Mr.Breitenstein.

People standing outside the pension awaiting to be handed out what had been brought to them, as  I was having a short break. 
(To be continued)

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