Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - The handing out of the presents (cont.) - The 22nd of November 2014 (evening)


It started getting dark so we decided to ask many of the adolescents to come back the following day so as to allow those with children or newcomers to get their presents, this being the case of some of the boys and girls I had photographed last time, for whom I haven't yet found "godparents" for and many of those who didn't receive anything from their supposed "godparents".

I used Mr. Breitenstein and friends' financial contributions to buy presents, clothes, books and help out people such as Zézito's mother who became a widow whilst pregnant with a child she came over to show me.

Ismael holding the T-shirt and football stickerbook bought with Mr. Breitenstein's financial contribution (left). Ismael holding the envelope with money for his school needs provided by Isabel Mègre on behalf of his "godmother" (right).

Jussara with the presents bought with Mr.Breitenstein's financial contribution (left) and the dress offered by Beta (right).

Lara with the presents sent to her by Filomena and Alfredo (left) and Bruno with the ones sent by Raquel (right).

The siblings Carla and Yolanda (above) and the cousins Isidora holding the presents and money sent to them by Filomena and Alfredo.

Baby Luana, who has grown up immensely since I took her photo last year on her mother's lap whilst holding the clothes, the doll and the money sent to her by Lucia Casqueiro.

My "official" helpers in the process of distribution - Leinira (left) and Tarine (right) with the presents I and Ana Borges bought for them respectively.

We were exhausted by the time we had dinner and to be honest a bit concerned once the following morning we were to drive to Tarrafal and wouldn't be able to distribute any more presents, which in turn made it difficult to complete the whole distributing process till five o'clock, when we would have to drive back to the capital city.


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