Saturday, 6 December 2014

Praia, Santiago island - Totinho and Nataniel Simas at Quintal da Música - The 25th of November 2014 (evening)

After having had a fairly light meal and as we were watching the news, particularly those related to the eruption of the volcano we realised we could actually see the smoke from our veranda, which made a difference in the sense that Fogo island, I had been to twice before and had a strong connection to, was just "around the corner" from us.

Before going out to Quintal da Música we watched the news one more time to find out if the flying restrictions associated to the ashes and gases were still on and to get to know how the people of Fogo were reacting in the ongoing dramatic situation. I couldn't believe the lava was "gobling down" areas I had been to some time ago ... I couldn't get my eyes off the TV screen ... and I must confess as much as those who refused to abandon their assets believing they might be safe-guarded I myself was in a semi state of disbelief and shock.

We later headed to one of the Musical reference places at Plateau - Quintal da Música, where the reknown saxophone and clarinet player Totinho was going to play, together with the singer Nataniel Simas to fill in the second part of the show.
We did enjoy the evening and were among the last to leave. I believe this was a particularly important evening for Noëlle as far as getting to know the different Cape Verdian styles of music, in spite of being mostly "mornas" and coladeiras" that evening.


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