Sunday, 11 August 2013

Terceira island, Azores (still) - Biscoitos and Serra do Cume - The 4th of August 2013


I slept all the way to Biscoitos, mainly because the heat was too strong and I was beginning to feel the tiredness I should have felt earlier.

We had heard so much about these swimming pools embedded in the rocks that we felt we had to see them before leaving the island and though we all agreed that for us mainland inhabitants it did sound rather awkward to lie down on rock rather than on sand, as we were used to back home, the whole surrounding atmosphere was impressive.

Because we would also soon be saying good-bye to our driver and guide decided to have a picture taken with him, so as to later remember the one who so enthusiastically showed us  the beauty of his homeland.

Prior to boarding the flight we still stopped at a small belvedere and finally the one of Serra do Cume, which according to the guides provides visitors with the most outstanding views of the island green "cerrados".

When time came to board the flight we felt some sort of sadness to leave this partly "discovered" island behind.

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