Sunday, 11 August 2013

Santa Maria island, Azores - The Belvederes of Picos, Pico Alto and Pedra Rija - The 5th of August 2013


Before the sunset we decided to drive to three of the major belvederes of the island, so as to have a bird-eye's view, which most of the times gives you a different "insight" into whatever might be observed.

We made it to Picos belvedere soon followed by the one of Pico Grande and finally Pedra Rija and were definitely not disappointed. Associated with the view were the forest smells and the quietness that is characteristic of such environmental places.

We then stopped by the monument to the victims of the Italian aircraft that crashed here in the eighties.

The sky was overcrowded whenever we looked west yet the eastern part of the island seemed to be brighter. By then we were beginning to feel it might rain at any time or it could have simply been the dampness in the air, once we felt it no longer the moment we drove down.

The patches of green were breathtaking, mainly (I believe) because in the mainland one is not used to them.

The moment we sighted houses again it was like getting into a different world from the one we had just moved away from, despite the fact that most of the ones we sighted along the way were scattered amidst the pasture land.

(To be continued)

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