Monday, 26 August 2013

English Workshop (short duration) for 4-6 year olds (cont.) - The 23rd of August 2013


I was taken by surprise and actually touched when I walked into the children's room and there was a message by some of my former Cape Verdian students written on the whiteboard and later on when  everyone in the auditorium started singing "Happy Birthday". 

I had already been surprised early in the morning when one of my friends came around with a bunch of roses and one of the children's mother with a lovely flowery looking birthday cake, not to mention the book and incense holder offered by two colleagues.

I have been seldom subject to such displays of affection or at least any that go beyond the circle of restricted family members and friends and thus felt humbly honoured.

The children's parents were then given the possibility to see what they had done throughout the whole week as far as artistic pieces are concerned, and there again I must confess, I felt proud of what we had achieved.


I must once more acknowledge the important help I have had on the part of Ana Borges, without whom I would not have been able to have done all that I did with the children and whose precious work I will be forever thankful for.

P.S. The birthday celebration continued with an invitation by two colleagues, who having been in Cape Verde with me earlier in the year, decided to invite me to have a Cape Verdian meal - "cachupa rica" in a local restaurant and it all ended the best possible way with me having dinner with my daughter.

Note: All the photos were taken by our colleagues João de Barros and Pedro Gaspar.

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