Saturday, 10 August 2013

Terceira island, Azores (still) - Angra do Heroismo - The 4th of August of 2013


It started raining pretty heavily by the time we reached Angra do Heroismo, but it didn't much affect the beauty of the "Império" we sighted, nor the statue of the bulls, a clear reminder of the importance of the traditional street bullfighting performances in Terceira, despite there being a bullfighting ring right in front of it.

We stopped at the city centre, very close to the Cathedral square where the late sixteenth century church stood. Its doors were open so we managed to visit its interior, which we all considered to be worth looking at, though the first impact was influenced by the sombre sobriety of the ensemble.

Around the Cathedral the streets were decorated in readiness for the religiousness of the Santo Espirito festivities, which go on till the end of Summer, we were told.

Our driver, Mr Ivo dropped us at a restaurant overlooking the bay because according to him it would be one of the best ones if we wanted to have fresh fish for lunch, which we did. Some fish species can only be found in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, so we decided we were going to try as many as we could during our stay. My "abrotea" fillet was really good, so was the mixed fish "espetada" my colleagues had, but the best part of the whole lunch "banquet" came later when we tried some traditional deserts (Dona Amélia cake and and a special biscuit pudding).

By the time we left the restaurant to continue our tour around the island the sun was out and the temperature was actually really high. Across the bay the islet of Cabras, which we had hardly been able to sight an hour before.

We drove up to mount Brasil where one the most outstanding fortifications of Portugal stands - The Fort of São João Baptista . Having been erected by Filipe II of Spain it comprises a huge citadel.

(To be continued)

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