Saturday, 10 August 2013

Terceira island, Azores (cont.), Porto Martins and São Sebastião village -The 4th of August 2013


We continued driving south till we reached a small village along the coast, Porto Martins, whose architecture  was particularly different from the one we came across in Praia Vitoria, namely because of the choice of sombre colours. The most outstanding feature was the rocky swimming pool complex.

The weather started changing and it was as if it would soon rain as we approached another small village, São Sebastião, whose "Império" is considered among the nicest ones throughout all the islands.

I didn't know then how impressed I would soon be with the little Gothic Church, which is said to date back to the settling period, mainly because of the frescoes in its interior. Nobody could tell me much about them and I was surprised to have been allowed to photograph them.

The little public garden located in the main village square was also rather interesting and particularly well looked after, this being one of the features we were impressed with, as everything seemed excessively clean everywhere we went.

(To be continued)

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