Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Castelo de Vide, Alentejo - Portugal (cont.) - The 24th of August 2013


As I walked back towards the hotel I came across quite a few interesting buildings and having found out that the town alone has 12 churches did surprise me. 

Right in front of the Hotel stood the Convent of San Francisco now turned into an old peoples' home. I couldn't resist photographing some tiles to be seen in the main entrance hall.

The Hotel looked a lot bigger than I had imagined and in spite of being modern was decorated with a lot of the handicrafts made and to be found in Alentejo, such as the iron beds.

I left soon after so as to walk up towards the Fortress of São Roque from where one could have a magnificent view over the typical Alentejo plain as well as the Castle ensemble, which I felt an urge to visit immediately afterwards, despite the fact that the temperature had raised significantly and it was then 42 °C.

(To be continued)

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