Saturday, 3 August 2013

English Workshop (short duration) for 7-10 year old children (cont.) - 1st and 2nd of August 2013


The last two days were (as expected) filled with excitement and nervousness as the presentation for the parents was approaching and all the children seemed to want to do was to revise what they would be saying (introducing themselves in English, stating their names, ages, what they enjoyed doing as far as hobbies and sports were concerned and finally what they would like to be once they grew up).

An additional worry was to have their artistic works  placed where they would be visible for their parents once they walked into the classroom following the presentation.

One of the girls brought in some chocolate cookies for us all so during the break I managed to have them eat some and go out into the Training Centre gardens to get rid of the pressure and stress, though I soon realised many had taken their written "papers" with them.

A quarter to twelve the children's parents started showing up as agreed so we headed towards the Auditorium, where the presentation would be taking place.

Each of the children read out loud what each of them had written about the "theme" starting with the older ones, whilst the others applauded after each individual presentation as a way of praise and encouragement for the ones to follow. Two of them even risked saying what they had written without using any support, once they seemed to know it all by heart.

Judging from the reaction of the public (not only parents) and the photos taken by a colleague (Cadete) one could clearly see they did enjoy it. Most of the children expected to get involved in Art-oriented careers in the future, with just a few exceptions - one who would like to be either a fireman or a business man (which made the audience laugh), a potential hairdresser and a scientist.

The Head of the operational Training was invited in to hand out the certificates, once the Head of the Centre was not in and that would soon become one of the highlights of the day for the children who were visibly moved and happy with the audience's reaction.

(To be continued)

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