Saturday, 10 August 2013

Terceira island, Azores - Angra do Heroismo (cont.) - The 4th of August 2013


We then headed towards the eighteenth century Church of Misericordia, which was unfortunately closed. 
Its exterior was rather impressive and having heard there was quite a vast amount of  eighteenth century sculptures and paintings worth looking at in its interior I was sad to have missed the opportunity of having looked at them.

As we were walking down we came across a street exhibition organized by the local  Town Council praising a young geologist and photographer from Terceira (Hugo Bettencourt Machado), who has already been awarded quite a few photography prizes abroad despite his young age (he was born in 1980). 

I felt it was quite an interesting idea to have used an old building and have his photographs fit in. I decided to jokingly have myself "fit in" one of the exhibited photographs. 

Before we wandered about the public gardens of Duque de Terceira I still walked into the main entrance of Palacio dos Capitães Generais, former Jesuit College which has served as private residence for Portuguese Generals since 1766 and is said to house the greatest collection of Dutch tiles out of Dutch territory, to find out its premises were (are) closed  for visitors during the weekend.

(To be continued)

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