Thursday, 8 August 2013

English Workshop (short duration) for 7-10 year old children (still) - The 1st and 2nd of August 2013


Another important moment was the handing out of the "certificates" to the children who attended the workshop. The children's facial expressions "captured" by Cadete (the photographer) show the importance of that rather simple act, which for them was the acknowledgement of their successful participation in the workshop.

Prior to having gone into the classroom to collect the artistic works and the English material one of the children decided to speak up and praise the initiative letting us all know that he would like us to consider his enrolment in next year's workshop, to which most of the other children added their opinions  and suggestions, one of which being English classes in the morning and Art in the afternoon.

Throughout the workshop I realised that many had never worked in such a creative approach to "Art"  atmosphere, which turned out to be a challenging set up to further develop not only their creativity but also fine motor skills, once many of the artistic works were extremely meticulous.

I felt most parents were mesmerised when they set eyes on what their children had actually done in terms of Art, I was therefore not surprised when they asked me where they could get some of those artistic kits and have their children further continue doing them.

The parents of one of the children who had previously found out I had bought the material myself handed me one box of four coloured sand project paintings as a contribution for other workshops.

Saying good-bye was the hardest ... 
I believe I had by then got used the children's presence and certainly their enthusiasm and overall commitment.

I will thoroughly miss them ... and do hope they will soon attend another workshop ...

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