Saturday, 17 August 2013

Getting old(er) ...or a temporary "invention of self" ...

Not long ago I came across this paragraph in one of the books I was reading ("A Plea for Eros" by Siri Hustvedt).

"Mirrors are where I check myself (...) But every once in a while, they become something more than that - the site of a body I know will eventually give up the ghost. As in fairy tales and folklore, the mirror displays for an instant my ghost double, and I don't like seeing her. It is a moment I am a stranger to myself. But a foreign reflection in a mirror is not always a shock. There is something appealing about transformation and clothes are the fastest route to leaping out of your own life and into someone else's."

It made me briefly think about the fact that I'll soon turn fifty eight and I don't always like the way I look in the mirror particularly when I compare the projection of my image to the one I had a few years back and although it is not something I often consider nor something I tend to worry about I decided to put on some different clothes ... wear some make-up and let a friend of mine photograph me before my birthday ...

... reminding myself of what Siri Hustvedt further says along that same chapter " (...) in the end, wearing clothes is an act of the imagination, an invention of self, a fiction."

Photos taken by Lourdes

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