Saturday, 17 August 2013

English workshop (short duration) for 11-12 year olds - The 16th of August 2013


Soon after the handing out of the "certificates" by the Head of the Training Centre, who according to his speech was absolutely mesmerised by the children's theatrical performance, parents and grandparents alike walked up to the classroom so as to see what they had done throughout the week (artistically speaking - though it corresponded only to two and a half hours' dedication).

As I was busy talking to some of them I wasn't able to see all of their reactions until I came across some of these photographs and I believe their facial expressions say a lot about what they saw.



I have to confess I have never felt so tired (at least recently) and although my tiredness is not exclusively connected to this short duration workshop (which I loved and gave my best to), it did contribute to it. 

As I was taking one last photo with the children who participated in this workshop apart from the sense of happiness and fulfilment I was already thinking about the following week's one (another challenge certainly) and what would be needed for it to be as successful as this one and the previous ones. 

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