Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Santa Maria island, Azores - São Pedro church and the Fatima shrine - the 7th of August 2013


Somewhere along the route we stopped at São Pedro village and having noticed the door of the local seventeenth century church was opened decided to walk in to find a rather neatly organised church.

Silent religious environments have always had a "healing"  effect, maybe due to the influence of the boarding school of nuns I spent part of my childhood and early adolescence at and then that seemed to be the right type of atmosphere for me to be surrounded by.


We then headed towards the Fatima shrine whose silence again touched me.  It stood at the far end of the one hundred and fifty steps, corresponding to the number of rosary beads. Amidst some pasture land where some cattle were grazing the landscape we could see from it was quite impressive as well.


(To be continued)

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