Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Santa Maria island, Azores - Vila do Porto (cont.) - The 6th of August 2013


What seemed to have once more caught my attention on my walking "tour" towards the hotel were the contrasting realities, which cohabited almost remarkably - the old and the modern, the rural and the urban.

I got to the hotel fairly late in the afternoon having taken a route deviation. My colleagues came almost afterwards, so we decided to head to the Naval Club restaurant in search of some fresh fish for dinner. 

We were not lucky though and had to drive back into the centre of the village, not before having watched a cable break free from a boat that was ready to be launched into the sea and whose owner in visible incredulity sat underneath it, once it was "restrained. ... and there he sat until we left, after some twenty minutes.

We finally got our "Atlantic Ocean" grilled fish ("cântaro" and "lirio") having got back to the hotel still fairly early.

It had been a long day and I was feeling rather uncomfortable, whether I wanted or not I couldn't help thinking that seven years earlier (the following day) my life had changed forever, I had lost a daughter and  despite my apparent light-hearted approach to life I felt that I was not and would never be the same person I had been before that happened.

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