Monday, 19 August 2013

English workshop (short duration) for the 4-6 year old children - The 19th of August 2013

Today I have started with a new group of children, which was supposed to have eight participants and ended up with just five (boys only) because of unexpected circumstances, which might be resolved over the next few days.

This fact has totally altered what I had envisaged for the presentation at the end of the week - a puppet theatre of the story of the three little pigs for which I would need a minimum of seven children (one of them a girl). In spite of this apparent set back I have re-adjusted what I had in mind and will try to work out how to do it till Friday.

The class started off with one of the children not wanting to stay because he felt it would be very difficult, but the moment we started playing with the animal toys, whose names they had learned to say in English he became quite cooperative and didn't want to get out of the classroom any more.

The children decorated some cats, made some dogs in origami and even some puzzles with the animals they had just learned and that turned out to be very enjoyable for them, and particularly so when we decided to hang them on one of the walls.

They behaved really nicely throughout the whole morning, whether it was in the classroom, the cafeteria or even the the gardens. It wasn't only later that I realised three of them were only four and two of them five years old.


What an extraordinary group that was ... I am really looking forward to what tomorrow's class will be like ...

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