Saturday, 28 May 2011

The children of Calheta (still) ...

Thanks to Cristina, Daniela has got herself a "godmother", Lurdes Baptista. It has been  through friends who bring along their friends and relatives to "help out" in this "project", that many of the children of Calheta are now aware that someone, no matter where, cares for them and their education.

Lurdes (left). Cristina and her little daughter (right).

I have recently sent the children letters and cards from their "godparents", as well as an encouraging card to let them know that I will try to find them all  people who will ensure the payment of their school fees and school material.

Sibylle reading out the card I sent to the ones who didn't get any cards  and letters or who don't have any "godmothers" yet.

Rosana and Elcy have both received  a dress and a book each, which have been bought by their "godparents" - Carla Brígida (Rosana) and Lourdes and I (Elcy) respectively.

The card Lurdes and I sent  Elcy (left). Elcy wearing her new dress, whilst holding the book and  Lurdes' photo.

The birthday card made by Carla Brígida for Rosana

Rosana wearing the new dress Carla Brígida sent for her birthday (left). Holding the book and birthday card.

Marline willl also (soon) get some presents I  have bought for her.

Marline's presents

I strongly believe these little gestures of affection are important for their self-esteem and the books an encouragement to keep on "opening up" their horizons and "feeding" their imagination ...

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