Monday, 23 May 2011

Some more gifts ...

Some of the children of Calheta will soon get their birthday gifts, which will be handed to a group of girls from the Calheta running group on their stop over at Lisbon airport.

The "lucky girls" are Artemisa, Erica, Delmízia and Josefine (the birthday presents for the last ones mentioned have already been photographed and downloaded).

Erica's (left) and Artemisa's presents (right) bought by Noëlle and Cristina  Marques respectively

Maria de Jesus and Jessica's little brother will also get presents sent by their godmothers Maria Felicidade and Maria João, who have recently accepted "supporting" their school fees and whichever might be necessary regarding their education.

Cristina and Júlia have both contributed with some money with which I have bought  some Christmas presents (books and clothes) for those who don't have any "godparents". That way all of the girls will get the same gifts over Christmas.

As there was still some money left I bought some kirigami napperon message sheets of paper for the children to make, as well as two pairs of scissors and a few little books, which I intend to start a "patio library" with.

Cristina Ferro and what her money provided for

Júlia and the clothes bought with her money

I am sure the girls will be thrilled with the presents, but above all I feel that what will touch them most is the fact that somewhere far away someone is thinking about them ... as individuals (the clothes and books have been selected as in accordance with the girls' personal taste and individual characteristics).

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