Saturday, 28 May 2011

A gesture of gratitude that came from afar ...

I  have been (still am) touched by a gesture of gratitude that came from afar in the form of three photos just sent to me by Sibylle.

These are some of the girls I have worked with in  the various  non-profitable workshops in Calheta in the last three years and for whom I have "found" some "godparents", who ensure their school fees.

Standing (from left to right) - Leinira, a girl I haven't met yet, Patricia holding a card, slightly behind Maria Filomena, Rosana, next to her Eunice holding the orange card, behind her two girs I haven't met, next to them Claudina with a huge smile on her face, Ivanilde Elena in an orange T-shirt, behind her Elcy and next to her Lou, the tiny face of Lavinia and next to her Marline holding the glove, behind her a girl I haven't met,Maria de Jesus holding the card, next to her Carla, Delmizia, slightly behind another girl I haven't met, Neuza,  Daniela holding the yellow card, hiding behind Nélida, close to her another girl I don't know and finally Artemisa.

In the front row sitting and kneeling down (from left to right) - Lola, Joceline Elena, Josseane, Juliza, Nolita, Jessica, a girl whose face I can't see, Josefine, Eunice de Jesus, Neuza and Tarine. 

In all honesty I am the one who should thank them for all I have been able to learn with them over these years.

The girls writing the  cards

May the future hold the best for them all ...

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