Friday, 20 May 2011

The gifts of affection ...

I have finally got the pictures of both Jessica and Eunice with the presents and outfits bought for them by Francisco Lisboa and Luis and Katia respectively.

I feel words will be unnecessary as facial expressions do seem to say it all.

The birthday card sent to Eunice (left) and Eunice with her birthday presents and outfit (right).

Jessica with her presents and outfit (left) and Francisco Lisboa (right).

Francisco Lisboa, whose photo I have recently got, will be ensuring Jessica's school fees and any school material which may be necessary, whilst Isabel Mégre's money has paid for five books to be handed to Cinthia, Lou, Lavínia, Mena and Verónica as Christmas presents next time I travel to Cape Verde.

Isabel (left) and the books bought with her money (right).

The more I get involved in these activities, the more I realise that although it does take time to select the adequate books, clothes and whatever I may feel these children have the right to have, one does not need to spend too much money to do it ...

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