Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Potsdam - The sixth and last day of our trip (around the Sanssouci Palace) - The 26th of April 2011

We then headed towards the  Rococo style Sanssouci Palace, which like its name in French says was perfectly tailored to Friedrich II's taste - a one storey villa like work of Art originated in sketches made by the monarch and initially carried out by the architect von Knobbelsdorf, a childhood friend of his.

Partitians of the supporting walls with trellised vines from Portugal, Italy and France planted against the brick work of the Garden façade (Right).

Architectural details from the central bow of the Garden façade with carved figures of Atlas and Caryatids grouped in pairs between the walls and supporting the balustrade (left) representations of Bacchants (right).

Trellised Gazebos on the side wings of the the garden façade richly decorated with guilded stars and other ornaments.

The 1745 Baroque ornamental garden modelled on the parterre at Versailles (left) with a Great Fountain and marble statues placed around the basin of the fountain (Right).

Part of segmented collonades of 88 Corinthian columns on the North entrance façade enclosing the semi-circular "Cour d'Honneur" (left) and the view of the "fake" ruins (right).

The tomb of Friedrich der Grosse beside  the ones of his favourite greyhound dogs (left). Detail of his tomb stone with two potatoes on top (right), which according to the guide is quite common taking into account the fact that he was the one who brought these and introduced them into the country.
The whole visit was an interesting one and made even more interesting because of the additional information provided by the guide. As we left, the weather seemed to be getting gradually worse, but we were still hoping to be able to take some photos at the Cecilienhof Palace, our next stop on the guided tour.

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