Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Potsdam - The sixth and last day of our trip (26th of April 2011) around the Cecilienhof Palace.

Outside the Sanssouci Palace gardens stood a  peculiar 1739 wooden trestle windmill built in Dutch style (having been reconstructed in 1993), which according to Friedrich der Grosse was supposed to bring out the rural character of his summer residence.

A few different versions of an event involving the monarch and the windmill owner, Mr. Grävenitz) have been transformed into a myth in which this latest won a case against the royalty who had sued him beacause of the noise of the windmill.

The only sad aspect about the guided visit to Cecilienhof Schloss (the following stop) was the rain which had been menacing us all afternoon and finally decided to show us her real face. It started pouring down with rain, so the walk around the various courtyards of the castle was soon over. 

This English Tudor  country house like palace built between 1914 and1917 was erected as a residence for Prince Wilhelm of Germany and his wife, the Duchesse Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, but its importance is still connected to the 17 July-2 August 1945 Potsdam conference held here, in which participated Wiston Churchil, Joseph Stalin and Harry S. Truman.

Cecilienhof palace has 180 rooms, which are now being used as Hotel rooms. I would certainly not have minded staying there for a while longer ... and even lodged there, as the surrounding atmosphere looked just ideal for a few days relaxation stay.

Our visit to Potsdam was soon over though not until we walked around the city, this time on our own and although the weather was not too inviting for outdoor "exploration" we did enjoy it. 

We shall be flying back home tomorrow but I have a feeling we'll somehow miss some of the moments we had here ... Berlin was a "surprise" and we are really glad we chose to fly here ... it will not be the last time (I am sure).

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