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Berlin - The fourth day (around Kreuzberg) - the 24th of April 2011

The fourth day visit to Berlin started by the Victoriapark in the Kreuzberg area preceeded by the Luftbrücke Monument to the victims of the aerial corridor of 1948/9 in which allied aircraft provided the Western part of Germany with 2,3 million worth of food supplies.

The Luftbrücke Monument

The 1884 Viktoriapark looked quite "abandoned" but its artificial cascade and colourful petals spread on the grass made it look imposingly romantic despite that fact. 

Several views of the Viktoriapark

Having read the Berlin guide we felt it might be interesting, once we were  so close, to have a look at the Riehmers Hofgarten, which is a group of  20 renaissance houses buit (1881/1892) around a garden like patio, and so we did. St. Bonifax church standing just behind the compound further contributed towards the peaceful  reigning atmosphere.

Several views of the Riehmers Hofgarten and the St. Bonifax church

Further on Hallesches Tor there is a cemetry, where many German  artists have been buried. Since Faye has passed away I seem not to fear the long rows of tombs I dreaded as a child  and it is as if walking among those who are gone makes me ponder about life and life "achievements". As we stood in front of the composer Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's tombstone I remembered some of his words related to  death "as a place where it is to be hoped there is still music but no more sorrow or partings" ... and wondered !...

Mendelssohn's tomb (Right).

Soon after World War II Kreutzberg is said to have become an area of constrasts with luxurious buildings standing beside degraded ones and a melting pot of various cultures and peoples with Turks being in significant higher numbers. As we entered a Turkish quarter around Mehring-Platz, I was astounded by the painted walls depicting people of very different ethnic origins.

With just a few exceptions these  images are a profusion of colour that at times hurt one's eyes ... eye expressions is in fact what most of them are about ... I would say they have all been painted by the same artist ... and I found some of them quite impressive ...

We then sat at a cosy Café and had a capuccino (which are very good down here) before "hitting the road" again on our way to Check Point Charlie ...


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