Saturday, 7 May 2011

Berlin - The fifth day (In the "Garten der Welt") - The 25th of April 2011

We came across the "Garten der Welt" (Gardens of the World) in the booklet which was provided with the 5 day Berlin card and once we could reach it by U-bahn (tube) decided to give it a go and "move" into the outskirts of  Berlin.

As we passed the entrance gate a "small" labyrinth caught our intention and even "imagination", so we decided to do the "circuit". After twenty minutes we were still moving around, losing hope of ever being able to either find the observation point or the way out.

 I could already picture myself being "rescued" by the end of the day having been unable (together with a group of other people) to find a way out ... but unexpectedely ... by  (what I would call) a touch of either providence or mere chance we manage to locate the observation point and then the way out ...

 I must confess though that the whole "adventure" took about half an hour.

We soon were walking around fields of tulips, Balinese gardens with wooden totems, Japanese and Chinese gardens with lakes and tea rooms ...

... and a whole "world" of fairy tale stories ...

Still inebriated with the atmosphere we headed back to Central Berlin, to try to see some of the things we haven't yet been able to see, as the last day will be spent in Potsdam.

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