Monday, 2 May 2011

Berlin - The third day (Around the Nicolaiviertel area) - 23rd of April 2011

From the Humboldt University we continued walking towards the Fernsehturm from whose sphere observation deck some of the best aerial images are said to be "captured", though before reaching it we came across one of the oldest city's buildings - the Marienkirche from around 1270 and the  1869 Rotes Rathaus, whose name is associated to its red brick façade. 

The Marienkirche (Left) and the Rotes Rathaus (Right).

The Septune fountain and the Marienkirche in the background (Left). The Rotes Rathaus upper part with the Fernsehturm sphere to be seen in the background (Right).

Different view of the Rotes Rathaus, Fernsehturm and Neptune fountain

Because of the Fernsehturm being one of most visited places in Berlin, we had to wait for about two hours before being able to take the elevator up, so we decided to further "explore" the area, after having got the tickets. We walked as far back as the Nicolaikirche originally built in the 13th century but altered and remodelled a number of times, which now houses a Museum and then  took to the Ephraimpalais, the Knoblauchhaus and the Stadtgericht. 

The Nicolaikirche (Left) and the Stadtgericht (Right).

We soon realised it had been worth having waited for such aerial sights which we would not have been able to see otherwise.
Different views from the Fernsehturm over the city.

The day's visit was to soon finish at the Volksbühne Theatre where we went to see a Puppentheatre show, which either was too "far out" for our commoner's understanding ... or we simply didn't fit into the audience watching this type of performance, so a few minutes after the break we left and returned to the Hotel slightly disappointed that it didn't go as we had expected ...

The Volksbühne

Tomorrow is a new day ...


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