Monday, 9 May 2011

A generous gesture that came from France ... and what it may lead to ...

I have recently been touched by a generous gesture that came from France with the ultimate objective of helping the children of Calheta in Cape Verde.

Through Marie Hélène I  was given some money which Mr. Werner Breitenstein provided me with and  which (only part) I have bought some woodcraft construction kits, 3 Dimension puzzles to assemble, 8 paper toys and  30 origami figures to make, as well as 5 activity books, 4 story book collections and  13 sticker story books for the boys. I have also bought 13 story books and a few small story collections of the world.

Most of the  Calheta children who have got "Godparents" are girls (with very few exceptions), so I thought Mr. Breitenstein's contribution could set things right and make these little boys (at least the ones who have attended the workshops) happy. The story books I have also bought with his money, together with the ones I had already bought myself could be just the perfect present for each of these children over Christmas.

Because of the  story books being all different these little boys and girls may even be able to exchange them and get to read a few stories they would otherwise not be able to, as there aren't any bookshops available in the village and the only stationer's exclusively provides school books. 

I intend to carry them myself next time I travel to Cape Verde, which won't be in September as I had expected (because of the high price of the ticket), but at the end of October (hopefully).

On behalf of the children of Calheta I would like to thoroughly thank Mr. Breitenstein for his generosity.

He may not know what a difference he will make in these children' s lives, as well as on the development of this small village community ... but I do know (irrespective of bein called a "dreamer") ...  and I also know what it leads to ...


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