Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The children of Calheta, Cape Verde - recent contributions and other issues ...

Someone, who attends the same gymn as I, has once more handed a few second-hand clothes and games for the children of Calheta to one of the coachers (Manu), which I am very grateful for, though the problem seems to always be the same - its transportation.

I am still wondering how to be able to carry some of the things I have been given last year, tough I clearly know whom I shall be handing them to locally, taking into account what they could be used and who they are most useful for.

Second-hand clothes, games and other things handed by the Gymn.

Having come across a memory game in French and bearing in mind the fact that there are now five girls whose "gomothers" are French, I have decided to buy it with Mr. Breitenstein's money, together with some origami/kirigami packets, and some "dolls of the world".

Being aware of the importance of  handing out similar things to the various children, these will make great  Christmas presents, as each boy may get either a 3D puzzle or a kirigami animal to do, as well as  a book, whilst the girls will be getting an "Art piece" to do, a puzzle and a reading book (with or without stickers) each.

Things bought with Mr. Breitenstein's money (Left). Some of the second-hand puzzles given by Elsa (Right).

Puzzles I have bought

As next time I shall only be in Calheta for one or eventually two days (I have finally bought the ticket) I intend to spend those "precious" moments playing game cards and reading books with the children after having distributed the presents.

It is also my intention to hand out part of the second-hand games I have been given by Elsa and the lady at the gymn to some  kindergarten and primary school teachers, which I believe may help them approach such teaching issues like the study of the human body, Mathematics or image and word association exercises, in a "slightly" different way.


I will be forever grateful and "indebted" to all of the people who have been helping me in this challenge. May they one day be able to see what those who benefit from their help will achieve ...

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