Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The long waited photos of three "godparents" ... the birthday presents and the children of Calheta ...

I have finally managed to take a photo of Sérgio who has been responsible for Ismael, Cecilia who a few months back decided to "support" the school fees and whatever may be necessary for Josefine and Maria Felicidade, Cristina Marques' mother who had long been waiting to join our  group and will be "looking after " Maria de Jesus.

Cecilia (left) and Josefine (right).

The birthday presents which Cecilia has bought for Josefine and which will soon be sent to her.

Sérgio (left) and Ismael (right).

Maria Felicidade (left) and Maria de Jesus (right).

Delmizia (left) and the birthday presents I bought for her on behalf of her "godmother" Charlotte (right).

Marline (left), Charlotte's "protégée" as well  and Daniela, Lurdes Baptista' "protégée".

I doesn't take much to provide for the education of these children and make them feel they are wanted and thought of. I must confess I am touched by the solidarity of the "godparents" and the willingness of a few others to join the project.

Although I may be repeating myself ..., I herewith would like to thank all of the people involved  in "changing" this little community ... 

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