Friday, 27 May 2011

Birthday presents for the children of Calheta ...

These are the birthday presents I have bought and shall soon be sending to three of the children of Calheta (Lola, Nolita and Melissa), whose birthdays are in May and June.

Lola's birthday presents (left) and Nolita's (right)

Melissa's birthday presents

Buying them outfits or books has become an interesting challenge, because I  try to always select them as in accordance with the children personality traits or at least the ones I have been able to "identify", together with buying an equal number of gifts for them all. As from January onwards the only gifts shall be either books or educational material, once they have clothes which will last for a while.

I have just received the photos taken of Kevin and the presents he was sent last month by his Portuguese "godparents", Luis and Kátia. These African children who get presents for the first time rarely display joyful expressions, as if they were in need of time to "assimilate" the fact that somebody thought of them. There's eventually a slightly brighter shining look in their eyes and  ... then (that's it) you know they are happy.

The card sent by his "godparents" (left). Kevin putting the stickers in his new reading book (right).

Kevin wearing his new shorts and T-shirt

Note: Thanks to Sibylle I always have their photos taken and their birthday presents handed

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