Friday, 13 May 2011

Berlin - The last day (Around the Hamburger Bahnhof) - the 26th of April 2011

We decided that before going to Potsdam we would give it another try and see the permanent exhibitions at the former Hamburger Bahnhof ... and so we did.

From the information we had had access to we were led to believe we would be watching something completely different from what we actually did, the imediate result being that we personally did not like many of the contemporary pieces of Art being exhibited, though the whole concept of using such a space for the sake of Art is something I feel for.

Among the many Artistic forms of Art on display, some were quite interesting.

By midday we were already on the S-Bahn on our way to Potsdam and although the morning was not one of those I would have chosen, had I known differently, it was still somehow worhtwhile ...

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  1. Se Berlim já era uma cidade curiosa antes da queda do muro e da reunificação das duas Alemanhas, hoje ela é, seguramente, uma das capitais mais interessantes para visitar. É possível dizer que cultura, salsicha e cerveja estão para a capital alemã assim como suíngue, suor e cerveja para o Rio de Janeiro.