Saturday, 2 April 2016

Tarrafal, Cape Verde (second day morning cont.) - The bay; the handing out of some presents - The 25th of March 2016


Upon having had one last look at the Tchon Bon concentration camp we drove into the main village of Tarrafal having agreed upon the return scheduling time with Dani, fearing not being able to find transportation back to Calheta, once there were very few public buses circulating.

There's something very special about Tarrafal bay that goes beyond the colour of its peacefully beautiful clear waters ... memories of the amazing weeks I spent camping close to one of the bays always seem to surface ...

In the good old days ... when one could just move about without any fear ... leaving the tent behind with everything one possed in it ... being alone and unafraid of being assaulted or disturbed by curious passers-by ..., something which is out of the question nowadays, despite the fact that only 11 years (it feels like yesterday) have gone by.

We strolled around the beach and because of our extreme tiredness (particularly Noelle and I) ended up lying on the beach for some time ... just relaxing.

Prior to heading back to Calheta we met the siblings Lucileida, Velker and Lucilinda, the latest of whom I had brought presents to from Beta. Because we hadn't much time left she thanked her "godmother" there and then. Because of the sad expression on Lucileida's eyes Sonia gave her ten Euros pocket money to buy something for herself.

As we were waiting for Dani to drive us back we sighted a "passarinha" with is exquisite bright bluish feathers ...

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