Tuesday, 26 April 2016

On the way to Bournemouth via Faro; The SunCliff Hotel, Bournemouth - The 20th of April 2016

I got to the Oriente Train Station early in the morning so as to catch a train going South which would take three hours (an hour more than the flight to Bournmouth). I must confess I slept most of the way  despite having wanted to stay awake. The cosiness of the Pendular Alpha train had such a magic spell that I kept me in a rather doziness type of state.

Upon having reached Faro and as I was walking from the train station to the bus terminal just a few metres away it started to rain rather very heavily, which came as a by surprise, not only because it was unexpected but also because according to the meteorological forecast it was supposedly going to rain in Northern Portugal and I was in the Southern part where the sun is said to shine most of the time.  

I felt the Ryanair aircraft I flew in was a lot better than the one I had flown some years back. For some sort of unknown reason I slept most of the way only to have woken up as the captain announced the descent. I coudn't help taking some photos as we were approaching the Bournemouth area, which looked quite interesting.

 I was supposed to have caught a Yellow bus going into town soon after having gone through passport control, which never came so the few passengers who had opted to get on it like myself had to wait for an hour until we finally managed to board it. Because of works on the main road leading into Bounemouth centre the twenty minutes ride turnd into a fastidious trip that took over one hour.

By the time I had walked to the hotel I was booked in for the night I was beginning to feel really tired, so the moment I checked into the hotel bedroom all I seem to have done was to briefly look at some rather interesting sketches hanging on the walls, have a quick shower and get into bed.    

... I don't remember much  apart from having set the alarm for an early awakening call because I soon fell asleep, It wasn't until the following morning that I realised I had actually been travelling all day long, thus the obvious tiredeness.

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