Sunday, 3 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (second day - afternoon) - The handing out of some more presents - The 25th of March 2016


The handing out of the presents continued throughout the afternoon, at a pace which didn't allow luch time to talk much with the children and mothers who came around. The first presents and money for the school needs were handed to Ana Galina and Ana Filomena, Little Odete's were handed to her mother Lena, 

Noëlle got overexcited the moment she saw her "goddaughter" Erica, so whilst Tarine, Leinira (who were helping us out) and I kept on calling out the children's names Noelle and Erica "vanished" so as to be able to have some time on their own, despite the language barrier.

Marquinho came afterwards with his aunt getting the money for the school needs on his behalf, the same having happened with Cynthia, who collected not only her presents but also her niece's on her behalf, because of Rivia not living in Calheta any longer.

Jussara and her cousin were the next ones to get the presents sent to them by Cristina, Dora and I respectively with Elisiane having got the ones sent to her by Teresa and Ivanilde the ones Santa and her family bought for her, once her "godmother"  didn't because of being absent when I bought the flight to Cape Verde. 

Edu's mother came around to get her son's presents and money because of him having travelled to Praia over the Easter time and the handing out continued with Diva having received the presents and money sent to her by Lurdes, Rosana hers form Carla Brigida, Lavinia mine and finally Ana Helena Sofia's until I decided I needed a break of some sort, as I was beginning to feel rather tired, despite knowing that I'd have to hand out most of those till the evenin, as we would go back to the capital city the following day.

(To be continued)

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