Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde (second day - afternoon cont.) - The handing out of the presents (still) and photographing the children who would like to have "godparents"- The 25th of March 2016


I still managed to hand out the presents and money for the school needs to Ariete and Felizberto from their respective "godparents" Ricardo and Lúcia Casqueiro, having then given the expected news to Patrick who finally got himself a "godfather" Diogo, who provided him with presents as well as the money for the school needs.

Eduardinho came afterwards having received the presents I bought for him, the money for the school needs having been provided by a donor, as Eveline Natalina got hers provided by Miguel and Lola by Carla Carreira.

It was then Hélida and Andreia's turn who were handed out the presents and money for the school needs provided by their "godmothers"  Julieta and Carla respectively.

Because I always carry extra clothes and toys with me I ended up handing out a blouse and a few little things to a young lady who shily approached me as I started photographing the children, whose mothers would like them to have "godparents" in Portugal.


Despite the fact that I always let people know I don't have the capability to bring such an amount of toys and clothes to distribute to the huge amount of children that "people" this village I always end up not being able to say no, once I look at the children's expectant eyes.

As the afternoon came to a close, with Noeëlle and I having distributed almost everything we had brough with us I decided to finally head to the Mayor's. I still came across three adolescents who begged me to take their photographs so that I might sometime (according to their words) get them some overseas "godparents".

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